Dr. Sarah E. McFarland
Professor of English
Director of Graduate Studies

316-O Kyser Hall
mcfarlands [at] nsula.edu

PhD in English, University of Oregon (Literature and the Environment)
Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies, University of Oregon
MA in English, University of Oregon
BA in English, California State University, with honors

Research and teaching interests:

Environmental literature and film
Gender studies
Ecocritical theory and critical animal studies
20th and 21st Century literatures
Climate fiction and post-apocalypse


Literature and the Environment
Literary Theory
Bibliography and Literary Research
American Literature Surveys I and II
Contemporary Fiction
Fictions of the Apocalypse
American Transcendentalism
Women in Literature/Women's Lit
Popular Lit and the Bestseller List


Selected publications:

"Vital Materiality and the More-Than-Human World of Wallace Stevens's 'The Man on the Dump." The Explicator 73.3 (2015).

"Animal Studies, Literary Animals, and Yann Martel's Life of Pi." The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Environment. Ed. Louise Westling (January 2014).

"A Great Horse Strangled in Cheap Wire: Louisiana's Landscape in Tim Gautreaux's The Clearing." Southern Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the South 18.2 (Fall/Winter 2011).

"'The Animal' is a Verb: Liberating the Subject of Animal Studies." Human/Animal Relations special issue of JAC: Rhetoric, Writing, Culture, Politics 30 3-4 (2010). Solicited.

Animals and Agency: An Interdisciplinary Exploration. Sarah E. McFarland and Ryan Hediger, eds. Brill Academic Press: Leiden and Boston, 2009. Includes “Approaching the Agency of Other Animals: An Introduction” (with Ryan Hediger) and “Dancing Penguins and a Pretentious Raccoon: Animated Animals and 21st Century Environmentalism.”

“Writing Can Take Place: Putting the ‘Comp’ Back in ‘Ecocomp.’” Oregon English Journal’s issue on “Ecological Literacy: Tending the Untended Garden.” (Spring 2008) Selected for promotion and distribution by the National Council of Teachers of English.

“Wild Women: Literary Explorations of American Landscapes.”  Women Writing Nature: A Feminist View.  Ed. Barbara Cook (2008).

“Exploring ‘At the Edge of Things’: A Conversation with Susan Zwinger.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 14.1 (Winter 2007).

 “Beautiful or Badass: Gender and Power in Doug Peacock’s Grizzly Years.” “Humans and Animals” Issue of Proteus: A Journal of Ideas 24:1 (Spring 2007).

 “Invisible Birds: Domestic Erasure in Terry Tempest Williams’s Refuge.”  Southwestern American Literature 29.2 (2004).

“Of Bears and Women: The Ethics of Gender in Barry Lopez’s Arctic Dreams.” “Animal Ethics” special issue of Essays in Philosophy 5.2 (2004).